domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

Eduardo Queiroz - Profile

I am tax and management consultant in Angola and also provide services to some international employment agencies operating in this country through an Angolan employment agency in the human resources area (Human Capital Limitada) which can provide logistics/accomodation support, short term visas and work permits for expatriates working in Angola (it takes between 3 and 4 weeks to obtain work permits since we are registered in the Angolan Ministry of Petroleum).

Using our services have also the advantage of eliminating the obligation for a foreign company to be registered in Angola to bring its employees and obtain the work permits. It also eliminates the risk of creating a permanent establishment for corporate income tax purposes in Angola.

So if you are interested in Angola (this country has been growing more than 15% per year), I would be glad to assist them in this country, including their foreign investment projects to be presented to the Angolan Private Investment Agency (ANIP), tax planning and tax consultancy and the registration of the entity in Angola (a branch or a subsidiary) if necessary or desirable for commercial purposes. 

I have also contacts with senior level individuals in corporations, government institutions and local banks. 

Personal Bio:


Two daughters - Karina (15 years old) and Melissa (18 years old).


Brazilian and Portuguese


Anything Requiring family participation.

Outdoors activities and also reading and cinema.


I am the owner of the domain PRAIA.COM

PRAIA is "beach" in Portuguese (more than 220 million people speak Portuguese as native language) and the name of the capital of Cape Verde, besides it is only a 5 letters word - a very easy name to remember - this would contribute to the success of any marketing campaign in Portuguese.

If you are interested purchasing the above domain please contact me.

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My previous professional experience

  • February 1994 to May 2008 - Tax Senior Manager in Deloitte & Touche

  • July 1988 to December 1993 - Auditor and Tax Manager at KPMG

  • Countries with professional experience

    Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Cape Verde, Egypt, South Africa and Angola

    Relevant experience

  • Responsible for the Tax Department in Angola dealing with the management of the department and with clients' accounts on a wide range of corporate and personal tax matters, both from a problem solving and strategic planning point of view;

  • Assistance, on a continuous basis, to various national and international clients with their accounting/financial systems and compliance of their tax and legal obligations;

  • Implementation and assistance in international reporting systems;

  • Participation, with other offices of Deloitte's international organization, in the preparation of manuals and various documentation on the Brazilian, Portuguese and Angolan tax systems;

  • Preparation of various taxation related articles in national and international periodicals;

  • Assistance with the internal training of consultants of the auditing, accounting and tax departments;

  • Organization of accounting and taxation external seminars;

  • Participation in courses and workshops administered by KPMG and Deloitte in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and Belgium in Auditing, Tax and Financial areas;

  • Tax assistance and review of International companies in Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Cape Verde and Angola;

  • Advice and assistance in the preparation of tax returns and tax planning for both individuals and companies;

  • Tax assistance and advice on a continuous basis to a large number of companies in the Oil & Gas, Civil Construction, Tourism and Real Estate sectors, among others;

  • Involvement in advising foreign corporate investors in their project planning and company establishment in Portugal and Angola.

  • Assistance with foreign investment projects in Portugal and Angola;